supertech twin tower at Noida , UP Demolished today."

– 28th august 2022

The Supertech Twin Towers were demolished on Sunday (August 28). The demolition of Noida’s Emerald Court project will cost developer Supertech around 1,000 crores. Also, the demolition of the building cost about 20 crore rupees. Why was the building demolished?

The two-tower Noida housing association Supertech Emerald Court was due to be built in 2004. The Noida Commission has allocated his 48,263 square feet of land, part of Lot #4 Sector 93A"

– The blast, which lasts about nine seconds, caps off a nine-year-long legal battle between the residents of Sector 93A’s Supertech Emerald Court and the realtors of the two towers.

– Noida Supertech twin tower demolition is the biggest demolition of its kind in India.

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