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CGPA grading system is a very common grading system used by schools and colleges to represent the performance of students in their report cards. It stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. Here at we have provided an easy-to-use CGPA To Percentage Calculator for the students who are facing difficulties with this calculation. Know full information about the grading in examinations,

CGPA To Percentage Calculator

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

Well, this is quite easy to convert CGPA into Percentage or Percentage into CGPA. The CGPA grading system is calculated in most schools and colleges in a range of 10, It can also be sometimes 5 depending on the institution’s grading system. Here is an example of conversion in a Grade 10 CGPA.

    Multiply your CGPA grade by 9.8 to convert it into a percentage.

    Example – 8.2 (CGPA) × 9.8 = 77.90%

    Divide Your Percentage by 9.8 to convert it into a CGPA grade.

    Example- 88% ÷ 9.8 = 9.26 CGPA

    Advantages of CGPA Grade System

    • Introducing the CGPA method can provide students with a sense of relief from the pressure to score a specific number of marks. With this system, students can focus on learning and exploring their interests without worrying about grades.
    • CGPA can also be a useful tool for students to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. It provides a clear measure of their academic performance, making it easier for them to identify areas they need to improve on.
    • For teachers, CGPA can be a valuable tool in evaluating their students as a group. It makes it easier to identify the students who may need more attention and support in their studies. This can lead to a more personalized and effective learning experience for each student.
    • In essence, CGPA can provide a more holistic approach to education. By taking into account not just exam scores but also a student’s overall performance, it can offer a more nuanced and accurate representation of their abilities. This can lead to a more positive and fulfilling educational journey for all involved.

    Disadvantages of CGPA Grade System

    • As a language model, CGPA can be a limiting factor in determining a student’s academic competitiveness. It provides a numerical score, but it fails to take into account the individual efforts and unique qualities of each student.
    • Imagine two students, one who scored 91 marks and another who scored 99 marks. According to their CGPA, they would be placed in the same category, but this does not accurately reflect the hard work and dedication put in by the student who scored 99 marks. This is a big disadvantage.
    • It’s not just about the exam marks, a student’s overall performance and involvement in various activities also play a role in determining their grades. This can lead to a situation where a student gets a grade that is not fully deserved, based on their efforts in the exam alone.

    CGPA To Percentage Calculator FAQ

    1. How much percentage is 8 CGPA?

    Ans – 8 CGPA is equal to 76%.

    2. How much CGPA is 50 percent?

    Ans- 50% is equal to a 5.26 CGPA

    We hope that this article helped you a lot to understand the CGPA grade system including its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the CGPA To Percentage Calculator or percentage calculator from CGPAtool helped to calculate your grade. If you have any queries regarding any part of the content, please comment us below and let us solve your problem at sidclasses. You can check more tools Click Here.

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