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Class 10 science MCQ questions – Quiz

Quizzes are critical as it helps in discovering how much you know and don’t. Class 10 science MCQ questions will help you a lot to prepare for CBSE board exams so that you can achieve outstanding marks in class 10. 

Here at we have provided the best class 10 science MCQ questions. Each chapter of class 10 science NCERT is equally important to be learned. The links to the class 10 science MCQ online test are provided for each chapter.

Class 10 Question Answer

  • Chapter-1 Chemical Reactions And Equations
  • Chapter-2 Acids Bases Salts
  • Chapter-3 Metals And Non Metals
  • Chapter-4 Carbon And Its Compounds
  • Chapter-5 Periodic Classification Of Elements
  • Chapter-6 Life Processes
  • Chapter-7 Control And Coordination
  • Chapter-8 How Do Organisms Reproduce
  • Chapter-9 Heredity And Evolution
  • Chapter-10 Light Reflection And Refraction
  • Chapter-11 Human Eye And Colorful World
  • Chapter-12 Electricity
  • Chapter-13 Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current
  • Chapter-14 Sources Of Energy
  • Chapter-15 Our Environment
  • Chapter-16 Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources

Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 10 Science MCQs

Is class 10 science hard?

Obviously not. If you have your concepts clear and you have gone through the NCERT book very clearly then scoring will be very easy. You can easily score 90+ marks in the Class 10 science exam. So, clearly, class 10 science is not hard. Moreover by solving extra questions, MCQs, and DPP at  you definitely gonna achieve higher marks in your CBSE board examination.

How to prepare for Class 10 Science MCQ?

We highly recommend you to go through the free class 10 science MCQ questions at sidclasses as it provides you the quiz tests of each chapter of class 10 NCERT science book. By regularly solving MCQs you will develop your concepts stronger.

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We hope the above MCQs helped you a lot and we wish you all score higher marks in your board examination. Remember consistency is the key to success so be consistence and regularly check your progress at

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