Class 11 Geography chapter 1 notes pdf provides you chapterwise CLASS 11 GEOGRAPHY NOTES absolutely for free which you can strictly refer and get higher marks in your board exams. CBSE Class 11 Geography chapter wise notes is based on the importent highlights of the NCERT Book. In this article we have provided you NCERT notes of Classs 11 Geography CH 1 Geography as a discipline.

Geography as a Discipline

We rely on the resources to maintain ourselves within the surrounding areas. Primitive societies subsisted on ‘pure technique of subsistence’, i.e. edible vegetation and animals.

Significance of Geography: Geography helps us to grasp the range and the causes and components which have created it. By means of geography we perceive how spherical earth is introduced via a map and we get details about soil, minerals, climate, local weather, inhabitants, technique of transport and communication, native panorama, and so forth. It additionally tells us about rivers, mountains, plateaus, plains, deserts, seas, lakes and cultural info.

The time period geography was first coined by Eratosthenese, a Greek scholar (276-194 BC.). The phrase has been derived from two roots from Greek language geo (earth) and graphos (description). Put collectively, they imply description of the earth. The earth has at all times been seen because the abode of human beings and thus, students outlined geography as, “the outline of the earth because the abode of human beings”.

Geographers don’t research solely the variations within the phenomena over the earth’s floor (area) but in addition research the associations with the opposite components which trigger these variations. For instance, cropping patterns differ from area to area however this variation in cropping sample, as a phenomenon, is expounded to variations in soils, climates, calls for out there, capability of the farmer to take a position and technological inputs obtainable to her/him.

Geography as a self-discipline is anxious with three units of questions:

  • Some questions are involved with the identification of the patterns of pure and cultural options as discovered over the floor of the earth. These are the questions on “what”?
  • Second kind of questions are associated to the distribution of the pure and human/ cultural options over the floor of the earth. These are the questions on the place?
  • The third query is expounded to the reason or the causal relationships between options and the processes and phenomena.

Many disciplines from pure sciences akin to geology, pedology, oceanography, botany, zoology and meteorology and a variety of sister disciplines in social sciences akin to economics, historical past, sociology, political science, anthropology, and so forth. research totally different facets of the earth’s floor.

A geographer is required to have a broad understanding of all of the associated fields, to have the ability to logically combine them. A geographer ought to have some proficiency in arithmetic and artwork, notably in drawing maps. Geography could be very a lot linked with the research of astronomical places and offers with latitudes and longitudes. The cartographic and quantitative strategies require adequate proficiency in arithmetic, statistics and econometrics.

All of the social science disciplines, viz. sociology, political science, economics and demography research totally different facets of social actuality. The branches of geography, viz. social, political, financial and inhabitants and settlements are intently linked with these disciplines as every certainly one of them has spatial attributes.

The most important approaches to check geography have been

  • Systematic and
  • Regional.

The systematic geography was launched by Alexander Von Humboldt, a German geographer (1769-1859) whereas regional geography strategy was developed by one other German geographer and a up to date of Humboldt, Karl Ritter (1779-1859).

Class 11 Geography Notes Chapter 1 Important Points:

  • Geography: Geography is anxious with the outline and clarification of the areal differentiation of the earth’s floor. (Richard Hartshome); In different phrases, Geography research the variations of phenomena often associated in numerous elements of the earth’s floor. (Hettner) GEOGRAPHY-XI
  • Geo-morphology: It’s involved with the research of land types, their evolution and associated processes.
  • Climatology: It’s involved with the research of construction of ambiance and components of climate and climates and climatic sorts and areas.
  • Hydrology: It research the realm of water over the floor of the earth together with oceans, lakes, rivers and different water our bodies and its impact on totally different life types together with human life and their actions.
  • Soil Geography: It’s involved with the research the processes of soil formation, soil sorts, their fertility standing, distribution and use.
  • Social/Cultural Geography: It’s involved with the research of society and its spatial dynamics in addition to the cultural components contributed by the society.
  • Inhabitants Geography: It research inhabitants development, distribution, density, intercourse ratio, migration and occupational construction and so forth.
  • Settlement Geography: It research the traits of rural and concrete settlements.
  • Financial Geography: It research financial actions of the individuals together with agriculture, industry, tourism, commerce, and transport, infrastructure and providers, and so forth.
  • Historic Geography: It research the historic processes via which the area will get organised. In different phrases, it research how historical past has influenced the geography of a area.
  • Political Geography: It research the affect of political occasions and research boundaries, area relations between neighboring political items, delimitation of constituencies, election situation and develops theoretical framework to grasp the political habits of the inhabitants.
  • Bio-geography: It has emerged because of the interface between bodily geography and human geography. It has three branches: Plant Geography, Zoo Geography and Ecology.
  • Plant Geography: It research the spatial sample of pure vegetation of their habitats.
  • Zoo Geography: It research the spatial patterns and geographic traits of animals and their habitats.
  • Ecology: It’s involved with the scientific research of the habitats attribute of species.
  • Environmental Geography: It’s involved with environmental issues akin to land gradation, air pollution and atmosphere conservation.

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