supertech twin tower

Supertech Twin Tower Demolished Today by Massive Explosion

The Supertech Twin Towers were demolished on Sunday (August 28). The demolition of Noida’s Emerald Court project will cost developer Supertech around 1,000 crores. Also, the demolition of the building cost about 20 crore rupees. Why was the building demolished?

Supertech Twin Tower

  • The two-tower Noida housing association Supertech Emerald Court was due to be built in 2004. The Noida Commission has allocated his 48,263 square feet of land, part of Lot #4 Sector 93A.
  • The blast, which lasts about nine seconds, caps off a nine-year-long legal battle between the residents of Sector 93A’s Supertech Emerald Court and the realtors of the two towers.
  • After demolition, the next task for Noida authorities is to clean up the pile of rubble left by the demolition. Officials involved in the operation previously said about 55,000 tons of debris may have been created. It can take up to 3 months for debris to be cleared. Dispose of garbage at the designated place.
  • Noida Supertech twin tower demolition is the biggest demolition of its kind in India.

Supertech Twin Tower – Overview

In 2005, Noida authorities approved blueprints for the construction of the Emerald Court. The Emerald Court consists of 14 towers, each on his 1st and 9th floor (G+9). Construction of these 14 towers has begun.

In June 2006, the total leasable space allocated to the company increased to 54,819.51 square meters. According to the regulations, the area ratio for new quotas since 2006 has been increased from 1.5 to 2.

In December 2006, NOIDA approved the first modification plan for Emerald Court based on 2006 NBR, adding two more floors, making it all ground floor and 11th floor (G+11). Other buildings were also approved, including Tower 15, Tower 16 and a shopping mall.

In 2012, Noida authorities reviewed new plans to set the height of the twin towers at his 40th floor.

In August 2021, the Supreme Court ordered the building to be demolished because it violated minimum distance requirements. According to the court, the building was built illegally under the UP Housing Act without the consent of the individual apartment owners.

The Supreme Court also said Supertech and Noida authorities were involved in a “disgraceful collusion”.It then ordered Supertech to demolish the building at its own expense under the direction of Noida authorities. In 2014, a court ordered the agency to demolish the building within four months at its own expense The Supreme Court’s decision came after numerous demands from homebuyers The building was It was scheduled to be demolished in May, but was later postponed to August, May 21st. Recently, the Supreme Court extended the deadline to August 28th by a margin of seven days from September 4th due to technical issues and weather conditions.

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